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28 October 2008 @ 01:16 am
HYN & HGD fanlistings adoption.  
Hi people,

I´m the owner of Heo Yi Nok  and Hong Gil Dong [character] fanlisting (and other japanese/korean stuff related) and I want to give in adoption some of them. Please, read the rules and send your apply(ies) here:

* contact form
* leeminkyo{at}kurai-hime.es

* You must make the fanlisting within 15 days.
* You must credit me as the previous owner.
* You can take the codes, but with credit, of course.
* You must keep all the members.
* I use enthusiast, if you use phpfanbase or other, I´ll not convert the base for you.
* You must give me some info like: Nick, email, url [I want see your webs] and the reason why you want this fanlisting.

I´ve not a deadline... When I find a good owner I´ll close the applies. In addiction these are all the FL that I´m giving in adoption:

* Blood + : Saya & Diva rivalry (26 members)
* Blood + : Saya & Solomon relationship (44 members)
* Blood + : Original SoundTrack (19 members)
* Hanakimi (japan liveaction): Sano Izumi  (40 members)
* Nobuta wo produce: Akira & Nobuko relationship (58 members)
* Nobuta wo produce: Akira & Shuuji relationship (24 members)
* Hong Gil Dong: Hong Gil Dong character (8 members)
* Hong Gil Dong: Heo Yi Nok character (9 members)
* Coffee Prince: Choi Han Kyul (22 members)
* Chrno Crusade: Aion (35 members)