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22 June 2008 @ 03:21 pm
***thoughts on HONG GIL DONG***  

These are just my opinion about the drama,ok?


He wanted to change the kind of world he's living, right? He did this first by stealing from the noblemen and then giving it back to the poor..then  later he helped the Prince to claim back the throne hoping that the Prince would be true to his word that he will change the government as he watches in the sidelines ready to raise arms in case Chang Hui do something bad.

He was given the perfect chance to do this when the Prince offered him a position in his cabinet.But, he totally blew it. I honestly don't understand why he did not take that chance. I mean, if you really want to change something, you must start from the inside. Stealing from the noblemen won't solve the problem for good. He should have changed the system..not the people within that system. That's why I think, more than anything else, it's more of a personal battle for HGD. In the first place, he hates those noblemen not because they are corrupt officials, but because his own father is one of them. The very same person who denied him to live a decent life and most of all denied HGD the right to be called his son.

That's why there are some parts in this series where I see him as a bit arrogant especially towards Chang Hui like in those secret talks that he had with CH when the latter is already the King. I can imagine how he must have felt knowing that he is played a big part in claiming back the throne for Chang Hui.

As for Kang Ji Hwan's acting, I am pretty impressed with how he delivered those punchlines. He made me laugh so hard that there are times that I don't to look at the subtitles to understand the whole thing. I can't really say that much because honestly, this is the first kdrama of KJH that I've seen. Though it's quite evident that he's a pretty good actor, I still can't believe how he was able to beat Bae Yong Joon in the recently concluded Baeksang Awards.


This is the first time that I found myself rooting for the second male lead in a series. The only negative thing that I can point out in his character is that he should have revealed to the people the real deal about the Sa Yin sword. That it was all fake. Coming clean about it..then I guess he doesn't have to worry about HGD and the noblemen. Yes, this might jeopardize his position because it so happens that he learned the truth about the sword right after he claimed the throne..but then,the people would think that he, too is a mere victim. A pawn in the Queen's plan to take away the throne from the late King and his illegitimate son. Doing this, he would have endeared himself to the public...then he would not have to worry about the fact that the people love HGD more over him.

Jang Geun Suk did not disappoint me in terms of acting. I thought that his androgynous features (at some point, he was prettier than Yi NOk LOL!)  would get in the way...but his voice is enough to make you believe in his character. His relatively new compared to Kang Ji Hwan but he is the perfect match for KJH's character.

Now I really can't wait to watch those movies of him!

And oh..I have to correct myself..Geun Suk was born in 1987, so I am only two years older than him!



I did not like it when she kept on just saying sorry to HGD in one of their scenes. Surely, throughout the series, she's seen as a dumb person but one doesn't have to be super smart to say something when a man just professed his love for you!

Chang Hui: You cannot reject me. And I will not let you go. If this was a time when I can just love and cherish you..then I would have let you leave. But not anymore.

Yi Nok: I heard about your mother through Madam Noh.

Chang Hui: This was all done by your father and my mother. I am just a pawn. So you have to stay with me until the end. I will never let you run from me even if you would rather die. If you want to die...then die beside me.

Yi Nok: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Chang Hui: SOrry? Yes..you should be. We started out the same way but you stayed pure because you did not know the truth. But I am now filthy. It's not fair.

Yi Nok: I am sorry. I am a fool who doesn't know anything. And I have hurt you as a result. I am really sorry.

Dude! Saying sorry makes it more painful for Chang Hui!!!!

 And more often than not, she's only like this when she's with Chang Hui. I mean...with HGD, she was able to associate the words * I LOVE YOU * with what she was feeling for him. That's far from being dumb right?

While watching, I found myself comparing her to Sujini.
As Yi Nok and as an actress.

Like Kang Ji Hwan, I was so impressed with how she delivered the puchlines. Just like what my mom said, she reminds me of a local multi-awarded actress, Maricel Soriano during her younger years. The way she laughed and her facial expressions...

And lastly, I was kinda pissed because I did not see Chang Hui and Hong Gil Dong in a sword fight.


Overall, I'd give this series a 4.5 out of five rating. Watching this after DWRL is like a breath of fresh air. The loud colors..the script and the story itself is great. The story had twists and turns but it was done in a way that it's not pushing the plot over the limit. You get what I mean?

Can I make a small request though, if someone has the script or liveblog of episodes 23 and 24..I'd so appreciate it if you'll share it with me. Because by the time I was in episodes 23 and 24, I can no longer understand the subtitles on my copy.

Only then will I be able to post my opinion about those two episodes (23-24). My Korean is very limited that's why I had to rely mostly on their facial expressions.

Pretty Please?

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windxalchemist on June 22nd, 2008 07:43 am (UTC)
glad to know you enjoyed the series~ :D

if you go here HERE, then you can find the synopsis/summaries for EACH episode.
Shazeda: Faery Megormarien on June 22nd, 2008 07:26 pm (UTC)
hello !
uwaaa~~ what a review ^^ I like knowing peoples' opinions.
I partly agree with you.
Yi Nk saying sorry and all got unnerving yes ^^ but when she seeks for revenge i was amzed !!
About Chang Hui i kind of think the way you do for HGD. He wants to be king and change everything but finally look at the result, the cabinet and all are controlling him, the corrupted members.. soo so fas for the changes and that's the reason why GD declined the job offer because he can't change anything, he won't be allowed too (vut the fact that he hates noblemen, that' soo true too xD)
GD's battle is sure personnal but then it becomes national.
For the last episodes, you can check on dramabeans site it has a summary, thorough of all the episodes ;)