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14 June 2008 @ 12:03 pm
****screencaps of my fave scene in HONG GIL DONG****  

Warning!! If you're a HGD-Yi Nok shipper..this post is by a Chang Hui - Yi NOk fan!!

He's going nuts searching for Yi Nok! Memories of what happened in the past haunts him..the idea of losing someone scares him like hell!

God!! I don't mind at all that in this scene...it showed his tendency of being selfish!! I really don't mind...In fact I was hoping that he'd take Yi Nok away and forget about everything!

awww!! I was really hoping that Yi Nok must not see GiL Dong here!

Don't let her go!

This scene takes place by the end of episode 11 and at the beginning of episode 12.

I was going crazy because the three of them,Yi Nok, Hong Gil Dong are in the same place!!

After realizing that Madam Noh made a deal with Choi Jul Joo to get rid of Yi Nok...Chang Hui went to find Yi Nok amidst the smoke and people going crazy with the explosion.

Chang Hui: Where do I start to look for her? I am sure she'll be fine. She's alright!

* Images of the the past crossed his mind...*

Chang Hui: I won't lose someone again.

* From out of nowhere Yi Nok appeared....*

Yi Nok: YOung Master! Are you alright? Did you lost something? What were you looking for?

*With all the pent- up emotions...Chang Hui embraced Yi Nok*

* The song FATE started to play in the background...gosh!*

Chang Hui: I though I lost you...

Yi Nok: YOung Master! What's wrong with you?

* waaaaa! HGD saw them and Chang Hui saw him too!*

I was so afraid that Yi Nok might see HGD especially when she tried to pull away from him..good thing Chang Hui hang onto her and said these words...*

Chang Hui: I don't want to lose you!!


I compare this moment to that scene in TWSSG where Damdeuk finally saw Sujini. The depth in Chang Hui's emotions...*sighs*

I'll discuss more of Chang Hui In my review of Hong Gil Dong.

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chryzelle on October 30th, 2008 11:22 am (UTC)
Hi I'm Crizelle, just want to say this is such a sweet review! *melts* The last picture, his stare... It looks as if he wants to kill Hong gil dong ha ha ha...