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12 May 2008 @ 01:57 pm
Hi there!

I'm new to the community, and I'm on the hunt for Hong Gil Dong fanfiction. Does anyone have some recommendations?

Also, I have to admit that I'm a big Lee Chang Hwi/Heo Yi Nok fan, even though it's an AU pairing. (Am I the only one???) Any stories you know of that include that pairing would be outstanding.

Thanks so much! I'm very glad to have found this comm. :D
Yue: clamp rips eyeslittlewolfstar on May 13th, 2008 04:27 pm (UTC)
I second this request!! o_O

(No, you're not the only one!! CH is very easy to love *-* who doesn't want him to be happy?)
gyen_gaoltosing: EMO: Funky Sidelong Glancegyen_gaoltosing on May 13th, 2008 06:02 pm (UTC)
I'm starting to wonder if there isn't any fanfic for the show out there. All I've found so far is a three-parter called Several Epilogues" by Sevenses.

*pouts* This show is begging for fanfic, I tell you. Someone needs to write some.
Yue: clamp rips eyeslittlewolfstar on May 13th, 2008 07:19 pm (UTC)
Yes, my dear Sevenses is only one who deigned write fic so far. DD8 I haven't even read it because i'm not done with the series yet.

I'll poke her to write more as soon as she is done with exams~ 8D *shakes the fandom*